Sit Down and Stay a While

This is a site focused on Christian theology, although that doesn’t mean we intend to act like we have any particular authority on the subject. In truth, we are hoping to just have an outlet for our thoughts and studies, and should those benefit a reader as much as the writer, then that is purely an added benefit. Topics and posts are simply whatever we are thinking at the time. Those may be complete thoughts, or snippets. They may be notes, articles, or letters. They are not any attempt at approaching an academic conversation, and there will be times we miss the mark. Nevertheless, we hope that you come alongside us as we explore Christian theology.

The name “Fireside Theology” comes from the idealization of sitting by the fireplace with a friend and discussing the numinous things of the world. It is a comfortable image, and we hope to convey that feeling, although we will often fall short. So then, if you are a Christian, or merely interested in the theological matters of Christianity for some other personal reason, welcome. We hope you indeed make yourself comfortable and stay a while.

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